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What are cluster lashes? Cluster lashes are a single group of 4-5 lashes that are nuzzled in between your natural lashes with a latex based eyelash adhesive. They last 2-3 weeks.

How do I remove my lashes? You can use any type of oil, eye makeup remover, or steam from the shower to loosen the latex and gently separate the lashes to work them off. Do not just pull straight off or you may take out lashes that aren’t ready to release fully.

I took off my lashes and I feel like they took all of my lashes out! You will definitely feel this way because for the last 2 weeks you have had full thick lashes and now they are gone. You will notice some lashes that naturally fall out (you normally don’t notice until they fall in your eye) that are in the group of lashes this is normal they just didn’t have anywhere to fall to.   


What is microblading?

A form of tattooing that uses a small handheld tool made of several tiny needles to deposit semi-permanent pigment to the skin.Each “hair-stroke” is created by making a fine slices in the skin. You are numbed before and during the procedure to minimize any pain. (some skin types may be resistant to numbuing cream)

What is microshading?

Microshading is a more filled in version of microblading. If you are a person that fills in your brows with a pencil or powder this is the service you would be more inclined to get. It will also last longer than microblading. A different tool is used as well. 

How long does it last?

If you get your touch-up 6-8 weeks after initial session microblading can last up to 12 months depending on how the skin pushes the pigment out.

Why do I need a consultation?

There are many factors we need to assess through a consultation form to make sure you are a candidate for microblading. Once we make it through the consultation form we do a pigment patch test where we make a small hairstroke behind the ear and deposti the ink. You will need 24 hours between this test and the actual session to  make sure you have no reaction to the pigment. The last thing we want to have is a bad reaction in your most important area.

What should I do for my aftercare?

We highly recommend hustle butter, which we carry in 2 sizes for your convenience. Hustle butter is a natural healing cream that you apply twice a day to clean brows. You only need a thin “lip balm like” layer. Excess can impede proper healing. For the first 2 weeks NO eyebrow makeup should be used while healing. You may wear facial powder just try not to put in on your brows. Use a q-tip to apply anything to your brows to avoid any bacteria on your hands to get in and cause infection.

What should I expect during the healing process?

Your brows will appear dark and bold on your first appointment and the day after. You will then begin to see your brows lighten up as each day goes on. Going into you 2-3 week your brows may start to itch use a q-tip to gently tap them. Also during this time it may look like your brows have completely gone disappeared. Once you get into week 4-5 color will come back. Note *you may lose anywhere from 30-50% of the pigment which is why the touchup session is required.

I’m getting married or have a big event when should I get them done?

This is essentially a 12 week process, 6 weeks to heal from the first session and 6 more weeks after the touchup. Not everyone scabs but depending on the lymph in their system (no way to pre-determine) you may scab. DO NOT pick or peel scabs as that WILL pull the microblading as well as your natural eyebrow hairs out; only use your healing cream and keep the scab moist so it does not dry out.

Why doesn’t it last as long as a tattoo?

This service does not go into the skin the same depth as a regular tattoo which is why it will not hold as long in the skin. It is in the layer where the cells are turning over and pushing out so the pigment eventually pushes out with the dead cells. 

Hair Treatments:

What is a scalp therapy/detox treatment?

Our scalp therapy treatment is designed to go in and clean out the follicle to rid it of medications, toxins, and any product buildup that may be causing blockage. Blockage can be one of the many factors of thinning or others types of hairloss because it is not allowing the most amount of hairs to come out of the follicle. The treatment also increases circulation which helps to promote growth, as well as help to control several hair and scalp conditions such as: dry, itchy scalp, dandruff, thinning hair, eczema and alopecia. Our detox treatment does everything that the scapp therapy treatment does only it is our stronger formula for more severe issues. 

What is a Chem Shot?

Chem shots are conditioning treatments that work with the chemistry of hair in the cuticle layer. We have the ability to create a customized cocktail based on the client needs. The results solve the problem of: 

  • Chemically distressed hair that needs to be reinforced
  • Dry brittle hair that needs to be replenished of its strength, silkiness and moisture
  • Hair that is color treated and needs protection to help defend against fading