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Chief Beauty Officer

Colliding passion with Purpose


Thank you for choosing YOU, for coming to learn how you can create more options for yourself. I’m already so proud of you!

I am a 20 year beauty industry vet known as the “Head~2~Toe Beauty Pro” because of the vast amount of beauty services I provide, over 10 years of salon ownership, community board member and advocate, mentor, educator and most proudly a “TT” to two adorable nephews.

I was like many on a journey to have a better business and life. I attended a ton of seminars, classes etc. you name it I was there. Some instructors provided tools and resources and others just took my money and left me disappointed. I decided to become the gap of what I saw. I’m so excited that I have the opportunity to help other women business owners and cosmetologists become empowered by finding the confidence to find the link that is keeping them from their next level. The most exciting part is challenging my clients and allowing them to critically think for themselves and problem solve on their own with a touch of love!

Recently I have added 3D areola tattooing services for women who have undergone a mastectomy after cancer treatment. I am more excited than ever to help more women live happier and confident lives post a mastectomy with paramedical tattooing.

Ready to Level Up Your Confidence?

Working together, we focus on putting together blocks necessary for a healthy self image to build the base for solid self confidence. Through educating, empowering, and encouraging ambitious women, I hold space for you to become your most authentic self.

Because confidence is the key to success, I focus with my clients on putting together the blocks necessary for a healthy self image and building the base for solid self confidence. I work with my clients on building a positive self image by educating, empowering & encouraging them to reveal and live in their most authentic truth.

Image Connector

Let me help you embody your brand. We work together to gain clarity, connect and define your brand message and make your personal image match your overall brand. How do you know if you need me? Ask 3 people to give you 2 words to describe your image. If they don’t mention any words connected to your brand then you need to contact me ASAP to connect the pieces!

Business Coaching

I work with small businesses, years 0 to 5, to gain confidence in their foundations and business systems by identifying and filling in the gaps. The coaching sessions are virtual or in person. Contact me to book a free discovery session.

Public Speaking

I host events as a discussion moderator, speaker and educational beauty professional platform artist. Contact me to learn more or book me for your next event.