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Our LARGE Decca Plus Hair Care Kit includes the largest sizes we offer for each one of our 6 hair products: 32oz Shampoo, 32oz Instant Conditioner, 16oz Deep Conditioner,12oz white Pomade, 16oz Scalp Therapy, 8oz Satin Tame. The White pomade has the same essential oils as our Green Pomade but has a lighter fragrance and no color for those with allergies to smell and color.(Recommended for white, grey or blonde colored hair.


Our small Decca Plus Hair Care Kit includes the smallest size of each one of our 6 hair products: 8oz Shampoo, 8oz Instant Conditioner, 16oz Deep Conditioner, 4oz White Pomade, 6oz Scalp Therapy, 8oz Satin Tame.  The White Pomade has the same essential oils as our Green Pomade but has a lighter fragrance and no color for those with allergies to smell and color.(Recommended for white, grey or blonde colored hair)
Note: Our Satin Net holding spray has been discontinued from our line at this time.



Our ph balanced Shampoo will thoroughly cleanse the hair to allow penetration to the hair shaft. Our unique Decca Plus pH balanced formula will thoroughly cleanse leaving your hair squeaky clean without the harmful effects of a clarifying shampoo. Unlike common commercial shampoos, it does not contain synthetic polymers that build up on the hair and scalp. This works well with our Decca Plus Scalp Therapy which opens the hair follicle and extracts impurities from below the scalp.


The Decca Plus Instant Conditioner is a blend of ingredients designed to instantly penetrate and moisturize dry, brittle hair. A light leave-in conditioner that adds fullness to wet or dry, fine, limp or lifeless hair without weighing it down. Suitable for the entire family and designed for all types of hair.
● Excellent product to be used as a daily grooming aid
● Gives a nice sheen without the “greasy” feel



The Decca Plus Deep Conditioner is highly concentrated to repair and intensely moisturize damaged, dry or brittle hair. Our Deep Conditioner will also replenish nutrients stripped from the hair strand during a chemical process. Contains the finest natural ingredients including key essential oils, collagen, aloe, plant proteins and vitamins to formulate an effective hair and scalp conditioner. Helps to strengthen weak hair & replenish nutrients stripped from the hair shaft due to improper hair care maintenance.



Satin WHITE Pomade is a well blended combination of over 10 essential oils. Although made with the same ingredients as our “GREEN” pomade, this was formulated for people that are allergic or sensitive to dyes or perfumes. The Satin WHITE Pomade is effective and concentrated but has no dye and very little fragrance.


This product was created to penetrate the hair shaft and the scalp. The Satin Pomade promotes healthy hair growth by nourishing the hair root. When applied to the hair shaft it locks in moisture on dry ends! Gently enough for children’s hair and babies with cradle cap.

$11.75 (4 oz.)

$19.50 (12 oz.)


Satin Scalp Therapy is scientifically designed as a deep cleanser to extract impurities from below the scalp. This will help to control several hair & scalp conditions such as: dry, itchy scalp, dandruff, thinning hair, eczema & alopecia.

6oz $13.50

16oz $26.00


Conditioner, Restorer, Rootbuilder. Ingredients: Nettle, Rosemary, Sage, Peppermint, Thyme, Alfalfa, Pure Virgin Olive Oil, Pre Coconut Oil, Sage Oil, Rosemary Oil, Bergamot Oil, Chlorophyll (from nettle and spinach), Pure Mineral Jelly, Natural Fragrance and Good Intention!


This exclusive formula is designed to correct the pH balance of the hair. Satin Tame protects the hair from heat damage caused by the use of various styling appliances such as blow dryers & flat irons.
Use as a moisturizer/revitalizer for natural , relaxed, curly or permed hair and braids! Helps reduce split ends by adding moisture and elasticity to the hair. To help minimize chlorine damage use the Satin Tame before & after swimming!
● Great detangler for combing children’s hair.
● Does not flake or build up.
● Use to wrap hair for styling, not oily or heavy!
● Reduce breakage by always lightly misting the hair daily before combing or brushing.