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Trichology Checklist

  • Determine If you are a candidate for a Trichologist
  • If you answer yes to any of the following questions, premature thinning, balding, or scalp disorders are likely in your future and you should consult a Trichologist.
    Remember, early detection and early treatment is the best defense for anyone with hair or scalp disorder.
  • Do receding hairlines, thinning or balding exist on your mother’s or father’s side of the family?
  • Do you suffer from acne?
  • Do you have oily skin or scalp?
  • Do you have a thyroid imbalance?
  • For females, do you have facial hair?
  • For males, do you have excessive body hair?
  • Do you crave sugar constantly and have gained or lost more than 15 pounds recently?
  • For females, are you menopausal?
  • Have you experienced excessive emotional stress?
  • Have you been diagnosed as anemic?
  • Do you have a high fat intake?
  • Are you presently, or have been, on a weight-loss diet?
  • Do you suffer from digestive disorders?
  • Do you experience frequent illness?
  • Do you frequently use antibiotics or medications?
  • Do you have poor blood circulation?
  • Do you believe that vitamin and mineral supplements are unnecessary?
  • Have you had exposure to air pollutants/toxins?
  • Have you recently given birth or had a recent surgery?
  • Is your scalp flaky, crusty, inflamed, or itchy?
  • Has your scalp been injured?
  • Do you experience irregular or infrequent bowel movements?
  • Have you been diagnosed with a scalp fungus?
  • Have you been experiencing excessive hair shedding?